Foley sound

Just as mister Wheel invented the wheel, mister Foley invented Foley sound, which stands for the reproduction of everyday sound effects inside a recording studio. These sounds can be anything from footsteps, slamming car doors, breaking glass or thrown punches. At our hi-end Foley stage we can record every imaginable sound, and all without injuries. Most of the time.


Capturing the artistry of singers, solo-musicians or small ensembles. Our collection of great microphones and proper room acoustics make great recordings.

Sound design

The creation of the sounds, atmosphere and feel of a movie, mimicking reality, exaggerating reality or creating a totally new reality. All is possible, with the help of our massive sound effects database and tools to manipulate each sound.

Voice over recording

Crisp and clear narration will elevate every story. Audibility of speech is from the utmost importance in every project, whether it’s whispered or screamed. We can deliver mixed or unmixed voice over recordings, and offer the client to attend the session in our comfortable studio.


Recorded audio tracks get layered, leveled and spaced, resulting in a balanced audio mix. Feel free to bring your own audio and pop it into the Speakerfood blender. We’ll mix ‘til it sticks!


The optimisation of playback across all systems and media formats. Whether your tunes get played on a laptop or a P.A. system, mono or surround, it’ll sound splendid, as intended.


Found that perfect tune for your film, but don’t want to take an extra mortgage on your house to be able to use it? How about a tune that sounds alike? Same feel, better deal.

Music research

Reference tracks help you in searching the right tune for your product, even if that tune ends up being one of the forty seven versions of Una Paloma Blanca.


Let there be music! Take it from scratch, a beat, a tune… Let’s shake, rattle and roll in a combo or conjure up some solo audio. We listen to your input to create the perfect track for your project.